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Quilting Antique Store Update

Thrift Store Quilting Antique store shopping, but not really in my own backyard but about two miles down the road.  Several months ago a new antique shop opened up in an old gas station, the filling pumps gone, a new coat of paint on the outside, and some old metal tools, milk cans etc. around the front.  For some strange reason I had never stopped to check it out, what a mistake.

When my neighbor, Rita, and I went in last Friday much to our surprise it was filled with beautiful treasures from the past, wonderfully displayed and I thought reasonably priced for an antique shop.
Almost immediately I found this small ABC cross stitch sampler.  As I looked at it closely, I couldn’t determine if it was a print or had been handmade, the linen thread count was small.  It had been professionally framed with the sticker of the framer still on the back.  This obviously was someones work and they prized it enough to have it framed.
When I got home I looked more closely with a magnifying glass, indeed it was handmade and the actual cross stitch area is only 4 5/8″ square.———-very small and the work is exquisite.  It always amazes me when I see something like this and realize someone did not appreciate the beauty of the piece..  I will  treasure this sampler and the woman who made it.  Price $7.00.

I was surprised how much room there was in this old gas station and each room filled with lovelies.

Each May our women’s group at church has a tea, everyone wears a hat.  Some lovely hats, some beach hats, some baseball caps, and some vintage hats.  Next May I will be wearing this sweet little velvet 50’s vintage hat and be just as stylish if I had just donned a bonnet worn at the Kentucky Derby . Perfect condition, price $12.00.

To top it off when we checked out they told us that the owner is opening another shop close by.  Life is good.

Enjoy all the pieces of your life

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